Ghost Whistles in the Woods

The author has had an interest in the Susquehanna & New York Railroad since discovering a copy of Kaseman’s “The Story of the Susquehanna and New York Railroad” in a local gift shop at around age 13. Fortuitously, this long-lost railroad ran near the family deer camp in Tioga County, PA., further piquing his interest. Who would have thought an entire railroad could be swallowed by the dense forest of north-central Pennsylvania in just 30 years? This nascent interest was solidified  by the expediture of hard-earned grass-cutting money on a copy of Tom Taber III ‘s “Ghost Railroads of Central Pennsylvania”.

What 13 year-old among us is not fascinated by a good ghost story?

2 Thoughts on “Ghost Whistles in the Woods

  1. Charles Marvin on July 6, 2013 at 05:14 said:

    Years ago I visited Kaseman and we visited the Ellentown wye, if memory serves. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow up as my aerospace career got in the way. Good memories though. Charlie

  2. Jim Brubaker on May 26, 2015 at 20:55 said:

    What a wonderful find today!! This site is so very interesting. I have had connections to this area for 60 years. I have ridden from Wheelerville toLaquin many times, and hiked various parts between Masten and Marsh Hill.I have a special interest in Wheelerville(pictures etc.) do any more pictures exist? Thanks for your time and effort. I also hiked the Barclay area too.

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