Talky Tuesday #49

I used another “trainless” view along the S&NY RoW for last week’s “WW #77” for a couple of reasons.

First, I already had it scanned and ready to go!

Mainly though, even though no trains are in the shot, it is still valuable for the historian and modeler of the era.

Despite being a backwoods shortline in the depths of the Depression, the track is still well-maintained. The ties are aligned, there are no dips or jogs in the track at the rail joints, and the roadbed is generally free of weeds. I remember MUCH worse track on supposed Class 1 “mainlines” during the Penn Central and Conrail era.

What I presume is the branch to Ralston climbs and curves off to the right. This track is less maintained, but was probably only in use a couple of times a week by 1942. The branch line does give us an idea of the grades the S&NY had to contend with, being built originally as a logging railroad.

Lastly, the mountains of the Pleasant Stream and Lycoming Creek valleys loom in the hazy distance. This appearance needs to be kept in mind when painting the backdrop for the model S&NY.

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