Op Session #11

Op session #11 was held on Saturday 27 February 2016. Hard to believe the railroad has been in operation for 2 years now. Scenery progress had been on hiatus for many months due to family matters and other projects, but has recently resumed.

The other projects include re-motoring, tweaking and painting weathering another PFM engine; installing a new decoder, painting and weathering a Bachmann 4-4-0; and re-motoring, painting, weathering, and decoder-ing an EMC motorcar. Several fluorescent fixtures in one layout room were also replaced.

The timetable continues to be tweaked between sessions with some success. During the latest session, the dispatcher only had to write a couple of orders, and 2 of those were to give running authority to the coal extra.

Hopefully I’ll upload a few in-progress photos of some of these projects soon.

Here westbound #5 meets #22 working the station at Wheelerville:

Photo by John Webster

Photo by John Webster


In this photo, #23’s caboose waits in the weeds at Wheelerville for #6 to double the hill eastbound out of Marsh Hill:

Photo by Brad White

Photo by Brad White

One Thought on “Op Session #11

  1. Norm Hoover on March 11, 2016 at 08:53 said:

    Good morning,
    I now live in North Carolina, but lived for a while in Wheelerville in the house on the corner of the grade and 158. Would it be possible to come a see your lay out some time when I am visiting in Pa?

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