Talky Tuesday #15

WW #43 is the last of the Robert Richardson S&NY photos from the Denver Public Library’s Western History Collection. In this image, #119 is seen departing the Lehigh Valley’s Towanda station with an interesting mixed train in tow. Ancient combine #102 carries the rear markers behind an almost equally ancient Milwaukee Road wooden-sheathed boxcar, and two tank cars. I cannot make out the ownership of the second tank car, but the first has GATX reporting marks, and is leased to Penick and Ford Ltd. Inc. P&F were makers of corn and sugar food products whose brand names included Brer Rabbit molasses, Brer Rabbit Syrup, Penick salad oil, and Douglas feed. They were also major suppliers of starch to the paper industry. Sunshine once offered an HO kit of this car with P&F decals.Sunshine GATX Type 30 8k tank cars (See page 2 of the Sunshine data sheet)

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