Talky Tuesday #14

Last week’s WW #42 is another interesting shot by Robert Richardson from the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection. Also dated 13 September 1939, in this view locomotive #117 is in charge of a work train that includes ditcher #6 and caboose #17. Trainmaster J.J. Coleman stands on the rear platform of the caboose, along with another unidentified S&NY employee.

A new-looking bridge is to the right, possibly built by CCC men from Laquin or Masten. The exact location is not specified, other than “probably Bradford County, PA.”

One Thought on “Talky Tuesday #14

  1. Rick Musser on April 29, 2015 at 11:53 said:

    The location of the photograph is Laquin. The bridge is still there as I have walked and driven across it many times. Interestingly, there is/was a sign on both sides of the bridge stating a weight limit of 35 tons!

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