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SNY Boxcar

boxcar-1A one-of-a-kind piece of SNY rolling stock is this unique boxcar, listed on the October, 1940 ORER as a “wrecking car, maintenance of way”. In this late-1930’s or early 1940’s view, the car is clearly marked “MW”, or maintenance of way, and is long out of revenue service. 35 years earlier, however, the car was numbered with four other similar cars (302-305) as being in revenue service, per a 1905 ORER.

I inquired about the origin of this car on the Steam Era Freight Car group on Yahoo, and received a number of very detailed responses about the possible provenance of this car, prior to SNY ownership. The most completely researched response was from Mr. Eric Lombard, who believes this car is most likely a former Philadelphia and Reading class XMk boxcar. The XMk class numbered some 4000 cars, and had an inside length of 36’0″, inside width of 8’6″, and inside height of 8’0″. More information, including drawings and builders’ photos, can be found in “Philadelphia & Reading Freight Cars 1900-1914, Freight Cars Journal Monograph #36, by Eric Neubauer. (Unfortunately out of print.) The car rides on Theilsen archbar trucks, and was built either by Standard Steel Car or ACF sometime between July 1905 and January 1908. Original door on the SNY car has been replaced by a Youngstown steel door, and additional steps and grabirons placed to allow easier access to the interior of the car for MoW service.

F&C sells a similar, but later, XMp class car as a resin kit: http://fandckits.com/HOFreight/8194.html

I may have to obtain one of these kits as a stand-in for SNY #303. Someday…

UPDATE 5/7/16: Ray Breyer has composed a series of .PDF files summarizing the up-coming release of 36-foot double-sheathed boxcars from Accurail: Accurail Prototype Data Sheets

In the 1700 Series data sheet is a notation that S&NY #303 was former Reading XMk 2784, built 11/21/07 and sold to the S&NY 3/9/36 for $200. This information can also be found in the .PDF related to the XMk series compiled by John W. Hall at The Reading Modeler, p. 113.

SNY Hopper Car

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

The Susquehanna & New York Railroad rostered a fairly large number of revenue cars for its size. The 1906 ORER states the SNY had 212 items of revenue rolling stock, including 4 box cars, 20 hopper cars, and 80 (!) flat cars. By 1940, however, the number of revenue cars had dwindled to 32. Among these remnants was a series of 10 50-ton capacity hopper cars numbered 1423 -1432. I inquired about this car on the Steam-Era Freight Car group on Yahoo, and received a number of well-researched replies, including a detailed message from the late Bob Karig, noted hopper car expert.

Per that discussion, it seems that this car is one of ten pre-USRA cars bought second-hand from the New York Central in 1940. It was part of a lot manufactured for the NYC by Standard Steel Car Company in 1917, and was an evolution from was called the 1905 Common Design. This car pre-dated the “standard” USRA twin hopper design. Consequently, there is no accurate model of this car in any scale. Al Westerfield mentioned in the Yahoo group discussion that he had wanted to develop a resin model of this type of car, but never got to it.

According to Kaseman’s book, the hoppers were sold to the Tennessee Valley Authority after abandonment in 1942.

I will need a handful of these cars for my model version of the SNY, but I will probably never get around to scratchbuilding them. I will probably settle for Bowser GLa cars as a stand-in. Perhaps Bowser might be interested in doing a run with SNY lettering…Also note the distinctive Bettendorf T-section trucks, as an aside.

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Here are a couple more of these cars in Marsh Hill yard, probably during the winter of 1941-42.