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Wordless Wednesday #117

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Talky Tuesday #72

Appropriately, for last week’s “WW #114” we have a nice broadside view of S&NY #114. I believe the location is around Towanda, given the background, but not 100% sure.

Wordless Wednesday #114

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Talky Tuesday #71

A handsome nearly-new S&NY 4-4-0 #113 glints in the sun in last week’s “Wordless Wednesday”, coincidentally “WW #113”. The #113 was purchased from Baldwin in 1907, and scrapped in 1934.

Wordless Wednesday #113

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Talky Tuesday #70

S&NY 2-8-0 #116 basks in the early spring sunshine at Towanda in last week’s “WW #112”. The time is a guess based on the sun angle and the bare trees, and I would guess the year is around 1940?

Wordless Wednesday #112

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Talky Tuesday #69

Last week’s “WW #111” offered something a little different. Reader Jim Anderson is re-creating the Elmira Branch in digital format, and sent along this view of Marsh Hill Junction and the PRR’s Bergan tower. The SNY’s junction track can be seen just beyond the bridge over Lycoming Creek.

If I had to start over, would I build a virtual digital version of the S&NY, instead of in real-space HO scale?

Good question…

Talky Tuesday #64

Wordless Wednesday #106 of two weeks ago is a classic 3/4 rods-down view of S&NY engine #112. I am unsure of the location of this photo. I had originally thought Towanda, but given the company houses in the background, the location could be Masten or Laquin, or even Barclay Station in light of the early date.

#112 was purchased new by the S&NY from Baldwin in 1906 and sold to the Central Pennsylvania Lumber Co. in 1913. The engine looks essentially new in this view, with smart striping on the drivers, steam chests, domes, oil headlight, and cab.

Behind the engine is a Standard Steel Car Co. hopper car lettered for Jamison Coal and Coke Co. These hoppers were first produced in 1903, with over 11,000 produced by 1913 for various railroads and coal companies.

Wordless Wednesday #106

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