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Talky Tuesday #96

Since the winter season is nearly upon us, “WW #138” of two weeks ago is a low-angle shot of SNY #118 on a caboose hop in light snow. I am unsure of the location.

Wordless Wednesday #138

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #85

S&NY 2-8-0 #118 poses outside the Newberry enginehouse in last week’s “WW #127”. #118 was built by Schenectady for the NYC in 1903, and was purchased by the S&NY in 1926. This engine was reportedly the heaviest on the road, and was used mostly out of West Williamsport/Newberry with a rating of 2200 tons Newberry to Marsh Hill Junction. #118 was sold to a steel mill in Ohio after abandonment, where it was probably scrapped.

Talky Tuesday #77

Apologies for a summer hiatus for travel and the 4th of July. “WW #119” from June 28th is another view of #118 at Towanda. For a similar view from a slightly different angle, see “WW #5”. Time is probably shortly before the 1942 abandonment, as the station/yard office in the background is already boarded up.

Wordless Wednesday #119

Herb Trice photo – Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #62

Low-drivered S&NY #118 was captured at Newberry in last week’s “WW #90”.

The #118 was formerly NYC #2699, built by Schenectady (precursor to ALCo.) in 1903 and bought by the S&NY in 1926. After abandonment in 1942, the #118 was sold to a steel plant in Ohio, and likely cut up for scrap.

In the background is an elevated coal dock with what appears to be one of S&NY’s hoppers.

Wordless Wednesday #90

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Talky Tuesday #60

I am unsure of the location of last week’s “WW #88”. My guess is “JK” switch east/north of Ellenton and west/south of Wheelerville. The photo appears to have been taken above ground level, likely from the rear platform of one of the S&NY’s cabooses. #118 is displaying the white flags of an extra, and may have just cut off as a helper from the train the photographer is aboard.

Once the fireman throws the switch in the distance, 118 will probably back downgrade to the wye at Ellenton as a light engine move, turn on the wye, and head back to Marsh Hill.

Lots of great modeling detail and atmosphere in this photo. The weathered ties, the cinder ballast, weeds encroaching on the right of way, the engineer leaning out of the cab watching his fireman walk to the switch while the 118 simmers in the sunshine. In a moment or two, the engineer will whistle off and let the engine drift downgrade through the switch. After the fireman climbs back aboard, he’ll let gravity continue to roll the 118 down to Ellenton. He’ll keep the throttle cracked open just enough to work a little steam and keep the cylinders from getting dry, and the fireman will be able to mostly relax on his seatbox and enjoy the mountain scenery glide by…

Wordless Wednesday #88

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics