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Talky Tuesday #85

S&NY 2-8-0 #118 poses outside the Newberry enginehouse in last week’s “WW #127”. #118 was built by Schenectady for the NYC in 1903, and was purchased by the S&NY in 1926. This engine was reportedly the heaviest on the road, and was used mostly out of West Williamsport/Newberry with a rating of 2200 tons Newberry to Marsh Hill Junction. #118 was sold to a steel mill in Ohio after abandonment, where it was probably scrapped.

Wordless Wednesday #127

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Wordless Wednesday #93

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #62

Low-drivered S&NY #118 was captured at Newberry in last week’s “WW #90”.

The #118 was formerly NYC #2699, built by Schenectady (precursor to ALCo.) in 1903 and bought by the S&NY in 1926. After abandonment in 1942, the #118 was sold to a steel plant in Ohio, and likely cut up for scrap.

In the background is an elevated coal dock with what appears to be one of S&NY’s hoppers.

Wordless Wednesday #90

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Talky Tuesday #61

S&NY wooden open-platform passenger car #205 is caught in repose on last week’s “WW #89”. I believe the location is Newberry with the enginehouse in the background. Unsure of the date, but 205 still looks to be in pretty good shape, with a nice glossy coat of varnish. #205 is listed in my ORER’s as a PO-class car, which is a coach-observation type . Maybe 205 was kept in good shape for use by company officers? Unfortunately, per Kaseman, the car was burned in the yard at West Williamsport, presumably to make easier recovery of the scrap metal for the war effort.

Wordless Wednesday #89

Author's Collection

Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #55

The S&NY Newberry enginehouse is brand-new and freshly painted in last week’s “WW #83” . In the background is the car shop, also brand new. The rails have yet to be ballasted, as well. Photo dates from the time of construction of the facilities in Newberry, circa 1906. Contrast with the dilapidated appearance in the recent “WW’s” taken during abandonment some 36 years later.

Wordless Wednesday #83

RRMPA - Bradley-Hahn Collection

RRMPA – Bradley-Hahn Collection

Talky Tuesday #54

“WW #82” of 2 weeks ago is a view of the S&NY Newberry enginehouse, presumably taken after abandonment in 1942. The smokejacks have been removed from the enginehouse, and there is a derelict tender tank off to the right. In the foreground, the “pipes” are probably discarded boiler flues.

Photo courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.