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Talky Tuesday #90

Last week’s “WW #132” shows a work train over what I believe was called the “Masontown Bridge” over Towanda Creek west of Monroe, PA. In the distance, a crew is working on the ground, possibly lifting rail as part of the 1942 abandonment. Time and the changing course of the creek has erased any trace of the bridge, at least as can be seen by Google Earth…

Update 10/20/17:

Reader Chris C. provides these photos of the bridge abutments circa 2007:

The first is at nearly the same position of last week’s photo:

Photo courtesy of Chris Chamberlain


Photo courtesy of Chris Chamberlain

Reverse view showing Brocktown Road:

Photo courtesy of Chris Chamberlain

Aerial view of the area circa 1938:

Penn Pilot – Penn State University

Google Earth view today:

Google Maps

Talky Tuesday #23

S&NY Monroeton station is the subject of last week’s “WW #51”. The track branching behind the station is the Lehigh Valley’s State Line & Sullivan Branch to Dushore and a connection the LV’s Bowman’s Creek Branch at Bernice. The LV bought this portion of the S&NY from Towanda south to Monroeton after the S&NY abandonment to maintain this connection. The photo was probably taken shortly before the abandonment, as the S&NY train order signals are apparently already out of service. A train can be seen following in the distance; possibly another S&NY train, or an LV train headed for the branch.

Wordless Wednesday #51

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