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Talky Tuesday #83

Last week’s “WW #125” is a shot of derelict Masten station. Thanks to the sharp eyes of reader Chris C., who was able to decipher the grainy station sign letters.

The last log passed through the sawmill at Masten on 18 September 1930. However, it took three more years before all the stockpiled cut lumber was sold and shipped out. A CCC camp was located here, but was closed in 1940. Per Taber’s book, the last family, Otto Robbins and his wife, moved away in 1941. I am unsure when the agent/operator was no longer needed by the S&NY and the station abandoned, but I imagine it would have been shortly after the CCC camp closed.

Talky Tuesday #58

The past 4 “Wordless Wednesdays” #96, #97, #98, and #99 are views of a wreck near Masten, circa 1941. A C&NW boxcar has rolled down the embankment, destroying a small outbuilding and narrowly missing a dwelling.

From the photos, the boxcar appears to be a C&NW outside-braced single sheathed car, similar to the car in HO from Accurail, albeit with a straight center sill, rather than the deep fishbelly sill on the Accurail model. The photos also gives us an excellent look at the underframe and the arrangement of the brake gear.

Two additional views can be found in Kaseman’s book on page 72. From the series, it appears the cargo is grain, possibly corn; and holes have been cut into the floor of the car and the side near the door in order to both salvage the cargo and lighten the car so it can be dragged back up the embankment and placed back on the rails. The photo in “WW #97” shows what appears to be empty grain sacks and/or tarps covering the car side, possibly to keep rain out of the car and the grain dry until it can be unloaded.

All in all, another interesting shortline vignette.

Wordless Wednesday #99

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Wordless Wednesday #98

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics


Wordless Wednesday #97

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #13

Last week’s WW #41 is another shot from the Western History Collection of the Denver Public Library, taken by the late Robert W. Richardson. This view shows the #119 leading a mixed train at Cabin Run on 13 September 1939. Per the caption, supplies are being loaded from combine #204 onto a canvas-topped Civilian Conservation Corps truck.

Note, review of the PA DCNR website reveals CCC camps at both Masten and Laquin along the S&NY, but none named at Cabin Run. I believe this shot may actually have been taken either at Masten or Laquin.

Of note is the 3-domed tank car near the front of the train, similar to one available in HO scale from Tangent Scale Models.

Talky Tuesday #1

It has been suggested to me, both online and in person, that some sort of follow-up posts be made to describe some of the locations and subjects of the “Wordless Wednesday” photos. So, for the enlightenment of those who enjoy the “Wordless Wednesdays”, and for the completeness of the online historical record of the S&NY, I present the first ‘Talky Tuesday”:

“Wordless Wednesday #29”: This photo was taken by me during a research/exploration trip up the Pleasant Stream and Schrader Creek valleys in early December 2000. The photo shows the abandoned town site of Masten, PA. My photo is roughly from the same location as this postcard view from the late 1910’s:Masten postcard hi-res-1

“Wordless Wednesday #28”: This photo taken on the same safari as “WW #29” shows the abandoned S&NY roadbed east of Marsh Hill along Pleasant Stream.


Wordless Wednesday #29

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

For a view of this location 90 years earlier, click here.