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Wordless Wednesday #108

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #65

Last week’s “WW #107” shows a coal drag passing a water tank somewhere along the S&NY in the wilds of north-central Pennsylvania. I am not sure of this location, possibly Long Valley. Time frame is probably late winter or early spring, given the sun angle and the bare trees. I wonder if we’ll stop here for water….

Wordless Wednesday #107

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #64

Wordless Wednesday #106 of two weeks ago is a classic 3/4 rods-down view of S&NY engine #112. I am unsure of the location of this photo. I had originally thought Towanda, but given the company houses in the background, the location could be Masten or Laquin, or even Barclay Station in light of the early date.

#112 was purchased new by the S&NY from Baldwin in 1906 and sold to the Central Pennsylvania Lumber Co. in 1913. The engine looks essentially new in this view, with smart striping on the drivers, steam chests, domes, oil headlight, and cab.

Behind the engine is a Standard Steel Car Co. hopper car lettered for Jamison Coal and Coke Co. These hoppers were first produced in 1903, with over 11,000 produced by 1913 for various railroads and coal companies.

Op Session #16

Op session #16 was held 03/11/17. Only a couple of minor issues with a Bowser PRR F30 flat car and an older Stewart hopper derailing.

In the flat car’s case, I think it is a function of insufficient weight. The older Stewart hoppers I have do not track very well, possibly because the bolsters are not wide enough. I also think the coupler boxes are too wide, and when shoving these cars, the too-wide swing forces the cars off the rails. Will try to sort that out before the next session.

Aside from those minor bugs, the session was considered a success by all.

Included here are some videos shot by Jerry J.:

No. 6 upgrade at Masten Loop

No. 6 whistles for the Wheelerville grade crossing

No. 6 downgrade over the “Big Fill”

No. 7 westbound at Wheelerville

Photoshop Fun #2

SNY #105 drifts downgrade over the Masten Loop. September, 1939

Photoshop Fun

S&NY #112 pounds upgrade over Pleasant Stream sometime in September, 1939.

Wordless Wednesday #106

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Talky Tuesday #63

The past two “Wordless Wednesdays” ( #104 and #105 ) complement the view of Towanda during abandonment seen in “WW #103”.

In WW #104″, we can see that the photo in “WW #103” was probably taken from atop MoW coach 210 in the foreground. We have a wider view of the yard, and can see the switch to the ash pit has been removed. To the right is an old boxcar being used as the railroad carpenter’s shed.

“WW #105” gives us a wider ground-level view of the yard area, including a better look at the SNY Towanda Junction station and yard office. To the left middle is what once was Humphrey Manufacturing Co., and in the left distance is Dayton Milling. In the right distance is an old coach, probably serving the MoW department. The engine house, turntable, and water tank remain, but probably not for long. This is a later view than the others, as all of the yard and engine service tracks have been removed.

Wordless Wednesday #105

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