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Wordless Wednesday #85

Bob's Photos

Bob’s Photos

Talky Tuesday #56

“WW #84” of two weeks ago is a scene showing #114 prior to rebuilding by the LV. Notation on the back states the location is Powell, PA in February 1938. Compare with this view of #114 after rebuilding: SNY #114.

Wordless Wednesday #84

Bob's Photos

Bob’s Photos

Talky Tuesday #55

The S&NY Newberry enginehouse is brand-new and freshly painted in last week’s “WW #83” . In the background is the car shop, also brand new. The rails have yet to be ballasted, as well. Photo dates from the time of construction of the facilities in Newberry, circa 1906. Contrast with the dilapidated appearance in the recent “WW’s” taken during abandonment some 36 years later.

Wordless Wednesday #83

RRMPA - Bradley-Hahn Collection

RRMPA – Bradley-Hahn Collection

Talky Tuesday #54

“WW #82” of 2 weeks ago is a view of the S&NY Newberry enginehouse, presumably taken after abandonment in 1942. The smokejacks have been removed from the enginehouse, and there is a derelict tender tank off to the right. In the foreground, the “pipes” are probably discarded boiler flues.

Photo courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.