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Talky Tuesday #23

S&NY Monroeton station is the subject of last week’s “WW #51”. The track branching behind the station is the Lehigh Valley’s State Line & Sullivan Branch to Dushore and a connection the LV’s Bowman’s Creek Branch at Bernice. The LV bought this portion of the S&NY from Towanda south to Monroeton after the S&NY abandonment to maintain this connection. The photo was probably taken shortly before the abandonment, as the S&NY train order signals are apparently already out of service. A train can be seen following in the distance; possibly another S&NY train, or an LV train headed for the branch.

Wordless Wednesday #51

Author's Collection

Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #22

Last week’s “WW #50” is a nice fireman’s side view of S&NY #114 at Towanda. The #114 was bought new from Baldwin in 1907, and was later rebuilt by them as well. The engine was refitted with an LV tender in the late 1930’s, as seen in “WW #49”. #114 has the original tender in this view, so this photo must pre-date the late 1930’s. After abandonment, the engine reportedly went to Providence, RI along with the #115. Disposition after that is not known.

Wordless Wednesday #50

C.T. Andrews Photo via

C.T. Andrews Photo via

Talky Tuesday #21

Last week’s “WW #49” is a rare color shot of S&NY engine #114 making up a train at Towanda, possibly during the fall of 1941. There is a nice variety of pre-war house cars behind the #114, and the second car behind the engine appears to be one of the ubiquitous PRR X29’s. The others I am uncertain.

Wordless Wednesday #49

S. Van Gorder Photo-Author's Collection

S. Van Gorder Photo-Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #20

S&NY engine #117 takes a spin on the Lehigh Valley turntable at Towanda in last week’s “WW #48”. The #117 was originally built for the NYC in 1900 at Schenectady, and was bought second-hand by the S&NY in 1926. After abandonment in 1942, the little 2-6-0 was turned into scrap for the war effort.

Wordless Wednesday #48

Herb Trice Photo - Author's Collection

Herb Trice Photo – Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #19

The mail must go through! Last week’s “WW #47” illustrates on of the reasons the S&NY was able to weather the Great Depression. In the era before interstate highways, UPS, television, and the internet, one of the few ways people and businesses could communicate long-distance was via the U.S. Mail. The funds from mail-hauling contracts with the U.S. government was often the only thing keeping many otherwise unprofitable passenger trains and shortlines afloat during the Depression and WWII, at least until trucks began to take over the business in the 1950’s.

Here mailbags are exchanged at a station stop somewhere along the S&NY, possibly Wheelerville.