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Talky Tuesday #76

Last week’s “WW #118” is a poor-quality shot of #115 leading an excursion of some kind. Behind the #115 is an idler boxcar, followed by another locomotive, and a string of steel passengers cars. #115 flies the white flags of an extra.

I have no other information regarding the date or occasion of the special train.

Wordless Wednesday #118

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #50

S&NY #115 leaves Marsh Hill yard heading south to Newberry in last week’s “WW #78” . Behind us is the S&NY Marsh Hill station, the PRR Elmira Branch, and the junction of the S&NY and the PPR.

Wordless Wednesday #78

Joe Boyd photo - Author's Collection

Joe Boyd photo – Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #30

It’s 1939, and train 20 meets mixed train 5 at Laquin in last week’s “WW #58”.  Abandonment is still 3 years away in this summertime view.

Wordless Wednesday #58

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Wordless Wednesday #52

Author's Collection

Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #10

S&NY engine #115 and train curves southbound at Marsh Hill on last week’s Wordless Wednesday”To the left is the S&NY Marsh Hill depot, and Marsh Hill yard is in the distance. The PRR’s Elmira Branch is directly behind the photographer, and the train will momentarily enter PRR territory and head south on the branch to Newberry, PA.

The #115 was sold and went to Providence, RI after abandonment, per Kaseman’s book. Disposition otherwise unknown.


Wordless Wednesday #38

Author's Collection

Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #3


The subject of “Wordless Wednesday #31”  is a special passenger movement for an American Legion convention 12 August 1939. 12 coaches, with 650 passengers, probably the longest passenger train ever to run on the S&NY. Train is lead by #115 with #114 trailing. The engines are separated by a spacer boxcar due to weight restrictions on the S&NY bridges. Location is believed to be south of Towanda westbound to Williamsport.