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Talky Tuesday #75

#114 pauses at the Towanda ashpit in this early morning (?) view in last week’s “WW #117”. In the background is the Towanda enginehouse/car shop.

Wordless Wednesday #117

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Talky Tuesday #72

Appropriately, for last week’s “WW #114” we have a nice broadside view of S&NY #114. I believe the location is around Towanda, given the background, but not 100% sure.

Wordless Wednesday #114

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Talky Tuesday #56

“WW #84” of two weeks ago is a scene showing #114 prior to rebuilding by the LV. Notation on the back states the location is Powell, PA in February 1938. Compare with this view of #114 after rebuilding: SNY #114.

Wordless Wednesday #84

Bob's Photos

Bob’s Photos

Talky Tuesday #32

S&NY engine #114 shoves a company flatcar loaded with what look like new untreated ties, in last week’s “WW #60”. Unsure of the location,¬†and not enough of the structure to the left is visible to help.

Readers feel free to chime in with any guesses.

Wordless Wednesday #60

Edward Kaseman Photo, Author's Collection

Edward Kaseman Photo, Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #22

Last week’s “WW #50” is a nice fireman’s side view of S&NY #114 at Towanda. The #114 was bought new from Baldwin in 1907, and was later rebuilt by them as well. The engine was refitted with an LV tender in the late 1930’s, as seen in “WW #49”. #114 has the original tender in this view, so this photo must pre-date the late 1930’s. After abandonment, the engine reportedly went to Providence, RI along with the #115. Disposition after that is not known.

Wordless Wednesday #50

C.T. Andrews Photo via

C.T. Andrews Photo via