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Talky Tuesday #77

Apologies for a summer hiatus for travel and the 4th of July. “WW #119” from June 28th is another view of #118 at Towanda. For a similar view from a slightly different angle, see “WW #5”. Time is probably shortly before the 1942 abandonment, as the station/yard office in the background is already boarded up.

Talky Tuesday #76

Last week’s “WW #118” is a poor-quality shot of #115 leading an excursion of some kind. Behind the #115 is an idler boxcar, followed by another locomotive, and a string of steel passengers cars. #115 flies the white flags of an extra.

I have no other information regarding the date or occasion of the special train.

Talky Tuesday #75

#114 pauses at the Towanda ashpit in this early morning (?) view in last week’s “WW #117”. In the background is the Towanda enginehouse/car shop.

Talky Tuesday #74

3 REA wagon-loads of express packages await the next train at the Lehigh Valley Towanda station in last week’s “WW #116”. Hard to say if all that was brought in on the S&NY train (S&NY combination car #206 is in the background) or if it is just parked there for the next LV train. Curious as to what might be in the soft duffle-bags…

Talky Tuesday #73

Last week’s “WW #115 gives us a look at the rural nature of the territory served by the S&NY. Not a house or structure in sight. The track is spiked directly to the ties without plates, and weeds and brambles encroach on the right-of-way. The only thing breaking the pastoral tranquility would be the fleeting passage of a train…

Talky Tuesday #72

Appropriately, for last week’s “WW #114” we have a nice broadside view of S&NY #114. I believe the location is around Towanda, given the background, but not 100% sure.

Talky Tuesday #71

A handsome nearly-new S&NY 4-4-0 #113 glints in the sun in last week’s “Wordless Wednesday”, coincidentally “WW #113”. The #113 was purchased from Baldwin in 1907, and scrapped in 1934.

Talky Tuesday #70

S&NY 2-8-0 #116 basks in the early spring sunshine at Towanda in last week’s “WW #112”. The time is a guess based on the sun angle and the bare trees, and I would guess the year is around 1940?

Talky Tuesday #69

Last week’s “WW #111” offered something a little different. Reader Jim Anderson is re-creating the Elmira Branch in digital format, and sent along this view of Marsh Hill Junction and the PRR’s Bergan tower. The SNY’s junction track can be seen just beyond the bridge over Lycoming Creek.

If I had to start over, would I build a virtual digital version of the S&NY, instead of in real-space HO scale?

Good question…

Talky Tuesday #68

Last week’s “WW#110” is photo of what is essentially a funeral train. In it, a train of gondola cars loaded with rails lifted from the  S&NY roadbed heads for Newberry, where they will be re-laid at the ammunition plant being built at White Deer, PA or sent for scrap for the war effort.