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Talky Tuesday #93

Last week’s “WW #135” gives us an interesting rear view of S&NY caboose #15. The rear flagman is just about to drop off and protect the rear of the train; or has just climbed back on board and is about to wave a highball to the engine. A few cars ahead is a flat that looks to be loaded with tractors or other machinery. An extension¬†connected to the trainline airhose may be attached to either a valve allowing the crew to apply the brakes during a back-up move, or an air-whistle to also protect a reverse movement. The flagman is unidentified, unfortunately, as is the location.

Wordless Wednesday #135

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Wordless Wednesday #42

Denver Public Library, Western History Collection. Call # RR-1476. Used by persmission.

Denver Public Library, Western History Collection. Call # RR-1476. Used by permission.

Talky Tuesday #9

Last week’s WW is a portrait of S&NY caboose #15¬†and train crew at Towanda, probably during the winter of 1941-42. #15 was the S&NY’s only 8-wheel caboose.

I do not know the origin of this piece of equipment, but after abandonment, the caboose was sold to the Arcade & Attica Railroad in New York state, and became the A&A’s #303. Miraculously, #15/303 still existed as of 2012 on static display in Attica, NY.

I would very interested in the identities of the men in the photo for completeness sake. Comparing with photos in Kaseman’s book, I believe the man at the far right is engineer Eli Chilton. The others, I have no clue.

Wordless Wednesday #37

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics