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Wordless Wednesday #142

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #95

“WW #137” of a week ago shows us high-stepping #119 rolling a mixed freight along at track speed. The plume of steam above the boiler could be from the safety valves lifting, or from the whistle blasting for a grade crossing near the photographer. Combination car #206 carries the markers at the rear. Location is not known to me.

Talky Tuesday #93

Last week’s “WW #135” gives us an interesting rear view of S&NY caboose #15. The rear flagman is just about to drop off and protect the rear of the train; or has just climbed back on board and is about to wave a highball to the engine. A few cars ahead is a flat that looks to be loaded with tractors or other machinery. An extension┬áconnected to the trainline airhose may be attached to either a valve allowing the crew to apply the brakes during a back-up move, or an air-whistle to also protect a reverse movement. The flagman is unidentified, unfortunately, as is the location.

Wordless Wednesday #135

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #92

Last week’s “WW #134” is an excellent side view of S&NY 4-wheel caboose #17. I am unsure of the history of this piece of equipment. The side-sill and underframe are different than a PRR ND cabin car, and #17 may be of Reading or Lehigh Valley heritage. Kaseman’s book is silent on regarding the fate of #17 after abandonment, other than that the cabooses were listed for sale at $50 each, price later reduced…

Wordless Wednesday #134

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Wordless Wednesday #132

Bill Caloroso- Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #60

A rare pre-war color image of SNY #116 at the Towanda ashpit is the subject of last week’s “WW #101”. Hopper #1414 is one of 17 pre-USRA cars acquired used from the NYC.

Talky Tuesday #56

On February 15, 1942, a winter storm clobbered the S&NY, dumping nearly a foot of snow on the mountains of north-central PA. A work train headed by flanger #11 was called out to clear the tracks and repair downed telephone lines along the way. The repairs kept the S&NY going until formal abandonment in May 1942.

Wordless Wednesday #94

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics