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Talky Tuesday #88

It looks like an all-hands effort getting the #115 coaled up at Marsh Hill in last week’s “WW#130”. Her crew is keeping her hot, though, as the safety valve is lifting as the photographer captures the moment.

Wordless Wednesday #130

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #86

Last week’s “WW #128 is a southwesterly-looking overview of Marsh Hill yard with a wealth of detail for the modeler. The coaling tower and water tank can be seen to the right, and the top of Marsh Hill station is visible above the hoppers in the distance at the other end of the yard. An access road crosses all of the yard tracks in the foreground, and a switchmans’ or crossing guard shanty is to the left. A high-target switchstand also guards the yard throat.

Wordless Wednesday #128

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #84

Last week’s “WW #126” is a shot of a derelict passenger car acting as a shed at Marsh Hill yard. The end of the elevated track supplying the Marsh Hill coal dock can be seen to the left. This car was is ancient even for the late 1930’s. The duckbill  roof superseded the monitor-type roof in the 1870’s, and was used by the PRR into the 1890’s. I am unsure of the provenance of this car, however, and it’s state of decrepitude may make that impossible.

Wordless Wednesday #126

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #50

S&NY #115 leaves Marsh Hill yard heading south to Newberry in last week’s “WW #78” . Behind us is the S&NY Marsh Hill station, the PRR Elmira Branch, and the junction of the S&NY and the PPR.

Wordless Wednesday #78

Joe Boyd photo - Author's Collection

Joe Boyd photo – Author’s Collection

Talky Tuesday #44

An overview of Marsh Hill yard looking generally northeastward was the subject of “WW #72” of two weeks ago. The western end of Sullivan Mountain looms in the background, and the railroad will curve to the right after leaving Marsh Hill yard, following the Pleasant Stream valley generally eastward to Masten, the top of the grade near Ellenton, and thence downgrade past Wheelerville into the Schrader Creek valley. Behind the photographer is the Marsh Hill station and the junction with the PRR’s Elmira Branch.

Wordless Wednesday #72

Edward Kaseman photo - Author's collection

Edward Kaseman photo – Author’s collection