Susquehanna & New York RR – Sources


Story of the Susquehanna & New York by Edward L. Kaseman, 3rd Edition, 4th Printing, 1990, published by Edward Kaseman, Williamsport, Pennsylvania   softcover, 90 pages

ISBN – none

                        notes: 1990 4th printing of 3rd edition is last one I know of; it has corrections

                        of previous editions in it. First edition was 1941, second edition was 1963,

                        and the third edition in 1979 was greatly expanded from the previous

                        editions. Third edition is the best to have.


Scenes Along the Rails, Volume I: The Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, Part 2 by John W. Hudson and Suzanne C. Hudson, Depot Square Publishing, Loveland, Ohio 1997   hardcover, 138 pages

ISBN 0-9651364-2-6

                        notes: pages 79-92 are about the S&NY; many photos not in the other books


Ghost Lumber Towns of Central Pennsylvania: Laquin, Masten, Ricketts, Grays Run by Thomas T. Taber, III, self-published 1970   softcover, about 100 pages

Book No. 3 in the series Logging Railroad Era of Lumbering in Pennsylvania

ISBN – none

                        notes: Laquin, Masten, and Grays Run were all served by the S&NY


Pennsylvania Railroad’s Elmira Branch by Bill Caloroso, Andover Junction Publications, Andover, New Jersey, 1993   softcover, 96 pages

ISBN 0-944119-12-3

                        notes: Chapter 6, pages 86-93, covers the S&NY


Weaver, Clarence. “Susquehanna & New York” Trains. January, 1943: 14-24.

7 Thoughts on “Bibliography

  1. Ernest Colwell on July 29, 2013 at 12:29 said:

    Enjoy the website, keep up the good work. I too am modeling the SNY in 1930 but in N Scale so there is a great deal of “approximation” in my rendering. I picked the SNY because no one had every heard of it (surprise – surprise) and therefore the model police wouldn’t be as strict. Am having a great time with my modeling but it is becoming more of an “inspired by” the SNY than a “model of”. I need to add to your biblography as follows:
    Classic Trains, fall ’05, p. 80
    Railroads of Pennsylvania Encyclopedia & Atlas pp. 51&345.
    Chasing Trains, Richardson, P 87-88
    The Story of the Northern Central Ry, Gunnarsson, use index for SNY
    Barclay Mountain, A History ; Bradford County Hist. Soc., major source on north end of line.
    Interurbans without Wires, Keilty p189-190 has scale plans of #206
    Short Line Doodlebug, Keilty, pp36,114 & 119
    The Steam Era of the Lehigh Valley, Yungkurth, p67

    If you intend to model #206 the plans will be a great help. I would like to see your trackplan, I had built mine before I found much in the way of track charts so had to revise some areas and just live with others due to space limitations etc. But it is an approximation after all.
    Take Care,
    Ernie C

    • on July 29, 2013 at 18:02 said:

      Thanks for looking and the comments. I forgot about Gunnarsson and the Classic Trains article, I have those in my library. The others are new to me. A model of 206 is waaay down on my priority list for now. Just trying to get the railroad in shape to hopefully host of a few of the local guys for op sessions this fall has my list pretty long. I don’t really have a complete trackplan in hand; I used 3dPlanIt to rough out about 2/3rds of it, the rest I drew up by hand. I guess I should add that to my list though…:)

      • Ernest Colwell on August 1, 2013 at 11:33 said:

        Forgot to add to the biblography:
        Set Up Running, the Life of a Pennsylvania RR Engineman., J.W. Orr, various references.
        Thank you for the hopper info, I’m sure it’s available in N Scale, lol. I’m hoping for the tank car illustrated in Kaseman’s book!
        Ernie C

    • Tom Chamberlain on April 27, 2016 at 18:45 said:

      Hi, Apparently you like some of the same rrs as I do–Eagles Mere among some favorites. I collect rr passes (and a bit more) and model in HO scale. Pleased to hear from you if you desire.

  2. Charles Marvin on August 25, 2013 at 19:44 said:

    Some brief mention of the S&NY is within:

    Trackside around Sayre-Towanda-Wavery with Lloyd Jeremy F. PLant and Bill Caloroso. Morning Sun Books, 2003

    Page 11 Photo from the mountain showing the LV curving bridge at Towanda, the LV upper station, and S&NY tracks along the river. A S&NY turntable still there?

    Page 23 Text and photo concerning S&NY at Monroeton

    Page 46 Photo showing old S&NY track.

    Not much, but I lived in Towanda through the 4th grade. Remember the LV Station and a war time train trip. Didn’t appreciate it much then, but thanks to all the historians,

  3. Mike Morrow on February 15, 2014 at 18:44 said:

    Saw this on e-bay. You might be interested since I didn’t see it in your bibliography:

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