Talky Tuesday #102

Last week’s “WW #144” is another shot of S&NY 4-wheel caboose #16, this time a nice full side-elevation shot. The Bachmann HO 4-wheel caboose might make a good foundation for a model of #16. Time will tell, as there are many other projects that would take priority.

Meanwhile, for a view of the other side of #16, see “WW #32” here.

3 Thoughts on “Talky Tuesday #102

  1. Jim Anderson on February 13, 2018 at 20:59 said:

    I’ve often thought that the PRR class ND cabin cars looked an awful lot like S&NY 16. I compared pictures just now; it looks like the biggest difference is the corner steps. Using an old Gloor Craft kit, or a more recent Funaro & Camerlango kit, you could probably just replace the “cast steel” steps with some wood steps as in the S&NY pictures. Looking closely at the steps in the S&NY pictures, I even wondered if the steps on #16 used the “side frame” of the cast steel steps, with steel straps and wood boards replacing the step parts…

    • on February 17, 2018 at 11:44 said:


      Comparing #16 with a PRR ND reveals some big differences. On the ND, the side sheathing comes all the way down to the bottom of the carbody. On #16, the underframe is exposed below the sheathing. Then there is the issue with the steps, as you mention. The Bachmann is a little closer, but there is a gap between the car side and the underframe on that model. That said, I have a Samhongsa PRR ND painted as S&NY #11 (which never existed). My operators don’t know that, and probably wouldn’t care…

  2. John Gerwin on February 16, 2018 at 01:11 said:

    Is this the Jim Anderson who was a Scout in Troop 38 Williamsport PA who organized a BSA Historic Trails hike on the S&NY in November 1969? If so, you know me as a fellow T 38 Scout and friend who also loves trains. If not, I love this Website anyway, as I hiked the S&NY in 1969 and it is one of my favorite lifetime RR memories. John Gerwin

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