Op Session #16

Op session #16 was held 03/11/17. Only a couple of minor issues with a Bowser PRR F30 flat car and an older Stewart hopper derailing.

In the flat car’s case, I think it is a function of insufficient weight. The older Stewart hoppers I have do not track very well, possibly because the bolsters are not wide enough. I also think the coupler boxes are too wide, and when shoving these cars, the too-wide swing forces the cars off the rails. Will try to sort that out before the next session.

Aside from those minor bugs, the session was considered a success by all.

Included here are some videos shot by Jerry J.:

No. 6 upgrade at Masten Loop

No. 6 whistles for the Wheelerville grade crossing

No. 6 downgrade over the “Big Fill”

No. 7 westbound at Wheelerville

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