Talky Tuesday #63

The past two “Wordless Wednesdays” ( #104 and #105 ) complement the view of Towanda during abandonment seen in “WW #103”.

In WW #104″, we can see that the photo in “WW #103” was probably taken from atop MoW coach 210 in the foreground. We have a wider view of the yard, and can see the switch to the ash pit has been removed. To the right is an old boxcar being used as the railroad carpenter’s shed.

“WW #105” gives us a wider ground-level view of the yard area, including a better look at the SNY Towanda Junction station and yard office. To the left middle is what once was Humphrey Manufacturing Co., and in the left distance is Dayton Milling. In the right distance is an old coach, probably serving the MoW department. The engine house, turntable, and water tank remain, but probably not for long. This is a later view than the others, as all of the yard and engine service tracks have been removed.

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