Talky Tuesday #59

In the days before teletypes and computers, all organizations ran on paper. Lots and lots of paper. The S&NY was no exception. Last week’s “WW #100” is an example.

This specimen is “Daily Check of Cars” at Towanda, specifically what look like Sept. 1st, 1937 at 4 pm. At Towanda we have:

SNY drop-bottom gondolas #1219 and #1201 at the coal dock. They loaded with coal, probably for the S&NY’s locomotives. These cars are 2 of a group of 9 34-foot cars numbered between 1201-1220 left on the roster in 1938, out of 20 in 1905, and were probably pretty decrepit by 1937 . I have yet to see a good photo of these cars.

SNY hopper #1407 on the ash track, and is loading (“ldg”). #1407 is one of a set of 17 cars obtained from the NYC second-hand. Here is a shot of a similar car at Marsh Hill; note the dissimilar trucks! Color view of the Towanda ash pit with car #1414 here.

Next on yard track 2 is SNY tool car #303, a re-purposed ex-RDG XMk boxcar #2784. A view of this car here.

On yard track 3 is SNY caboose #17; color view here.

Back to yard track 2, SNY #1231 is partially loaded (PX) with a lading of railroad ties. #1231 is numbered in a series of 38-foot flat cars; perhaps the “R” means “tie rack”. Here is similar car #1234 loaded with ties and coupled to tool car #303.

On yard track 3 is tank car SDRX #5881. SDRX is the reporting marks for Sinclair Oil., and the car is indeed loaded with oil. I could not find specifically what type of tank car #5881 is.

Last, at the Towanda gas company (“G Hse”), is PRR “gondola” #204582 with a load of coal. This car is either a PRR class GLa or GLc twin hopper. Both classes had numbers in the series that includes #204582.

Amazing what information for both the historian and modeler can be gleaned from an old yellowed piece of paper…

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