Wheelerville Creamery Pt. 2

Here are a couple of updated photos of the current progress on the Wheelerville creamery, here shown temporarily in place on the layout.

I mounted it on a 1/8″ Masonite base after putting on a little groundcover. The Masonite is a little “warpy” and I may use styrene or gatorboard for structure bases in the future.

Still have to add a few details, like milk cans on the loading dock, then permanently place on the layout. Also will have to make a small dirt ramp or something similar up to the boilerhouse door.


Creamery-1 Creamery-2

4 Thoughts on “Wheelerville Creamery Pt. 2

  1. Charlie Marvin on June 20, 2016 at 18:10 said:

    Very nice … congratulations on a fine period look.

  2. Congratulations; looks great!

  3. Cindy Boroch on June 22, 2016 at 08:37 said:

    My husband and I own the property that was just behind the creamery. From what I have been told the creamery is just to the left of our driveway, the foundation and rear loading dock plate are still there, of course coming apart and overground with trees and brush. I have long looked for a pic of the creamery, but the only thing I have found is the one with our property in it. Most pics I have seen, list this as the wheelerville station, but from what we are told by the locals, this is the creamery. Let me know your thoughts!!
    I have tried to copy and paste the pic but it will not accept it. But it is the most common pic posted for wheelerville.

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