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Talky Tuesday #47

Last week’s “WW #75” is a view of a mixed freight  eastbound at Laquin, PA. By this late date (ca. 1942), the town is nearly abandoned. To the left are the foundations of either the Laquin store, or the S&NY depot. In the right distance is the old Laquin schoolhouse. In its heyday, Laquin was home to 2000 people, several industries including the Barclay Wood Chemical plant, two churches, a hotel, many homes, and a ballfield.

Compare with this view from earlier in the 20th century from nearly the same location:


And this view of the S&NY depot:

laquin station





Wordless Wednesday #75

Bill Caloroso -Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso -Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #46

A 3/4 view of snow flanger #11 is the subject of last week’s “WW #74” . The cobbled-together appearance of this fascinating piece of equipment suggests just that; that it was home-built by the S&NY shop forces. The flanger is present on my 1926 ORER, but is not listed in 1905, so it was built in the 11 years between those dates. #11 has a wealth of interesting details: note the piping and airtanks on the deck for raising and lowering the flanger device integrated into the rear truck, which itself may have been a scavenged locomotive pilot truck; the bolted-on deckside reinforcement; the side grab-irons giving access to the roof and a probable surplus locomotive headlight; the smkoejack; and the fabricated sheet-iron plow.

Certainly a scratchbuilding project for “someday”…

Wordless Wednesday #74

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #45

In last week’s “WW #73”,  S&NY #20 meets #21 at an unknown location, possibly Cabin Run or Long Valley. Some of the crew waiting “in the hole” relax in the shade of a derelict section house.

Wordless Wednesday #73

Bill Caloroso - Cal's Classics

Bill Caloroso – Cal’s Classics

Talky Tuesday #44

An overview of Marsh Hill yard looking generally northeastward was the subject of “WW #72” of two weeks ago. The western end of Sullivan Mountain looms in the background, and the railroad will curve to the right after leaving Marsh Hill yard, following the Pleasant Stream valley generally eastward to Masten, the top of the grade near Ellenton, and thence downgrade past Wheelerville into the Schrader Creek valley. Behind the photographer is the Marsh Hill station and the junction with the PRR’s Elmira Branch.