Talky Tuesday #18

An unusual southward looking view at Towanda is the subject of last week’s “Wordless Wednesday #46”. This scene is clearly after abandonment of the S&NY, as all of the tracks have been removed, save those transferred to the Lehigh Valley on the right, preserving a connection to the LV’s State Line and Sullivan Branch at Monroeton.

While probably uninteresting to the casual observer (just some abandoned buildings), this photo is a valuable find for the modeler. Essentially every other photo of the S&NY yard at Towanda I have was shot facing the opposite way (i.e. north). This is the only photo I have found that shows the north side of the engine house, sand house, and S&NY station/yard office.

One Thought on “Talky Tuesday #18

  1. Ernest Colwell on May 26, 2015 at 01:10 said:

    Thank you, thank you! this shot shows the end door and roof configuration of the dispatchers office, something I was curious about for some time. Now I can complete my “inspired by ” model of this structure. Detail is not the best but beggars can’t be choosers, again thank you.

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