Talky Tuesday #17

Last week’s “WW #45” is from the collection of Steve Hall, and shows SNY fireman H.G. McQuay, John J. Kilmer (section foreman?), and engineer Eli Chilson clowning a bit for the camera. Engine #114 forms the backdrop.

One Thought on “Talky Tuesday #17

  1. Leo Wills Jr on December 13, 2016 at 01:27 said:

    John J Kilmer was my great grandfather. I have a image from the Story Of The Susquehanna & NY printed November 1980. The photo is from May 23rd 1942 of the S&NY crew preparing to leave Towanda with train No.6 headed by engine 119 on the roads last run. John J Kilmer (Foreman) is in the photo as well as his son Charles Kilmer (section laborer)

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