Some Scenery for the S&NY Pt. 5

Spent a little time this evening finishing up a fallow pasture in the back corner of the Wheelerville section on the railroad. I deliberately used a mix of smaller SuperTrees along the backdrop to give a little forced perspective effect, and make the scene seem a little deeper than it actually is. The pasture is various colors of Woodland Scenics static grass, mostly burnt grass, harvest gold, and wild honey layered together. The field looked a little too flat once everything was dry, so I lightly brushed over the field with an old toothbrush to give the ground a little more texture and relief. Once all the loose flock was sucked up with a hand-vac, the field looked much better.

The fence posts are wooden toothpicks drybrushed various browns and grays, and the “barbed wire” is .003″ rust-colored EZ-Line:

Fallow pasture-1

All-in-all, I’m pretty satisfied with the look. Onward to the next task…

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