SNY #119

Author's Collection

Author’s Collection

Quick scan from a negative purchased on Ebay. I am not sure of the location of this shot, and I have never seen another photo with a different view of the interesting stone building and chimney behind the locomotive.

Engine #119 was a 1921 product of the Baldwin Locomotive works, purchased used from the Huntingdon & Broad Top Mountain Railroad (H&BTM #35)  in 1934. The locomotive was later sold in 1947 to the Clarion River Railway after the abandonment of the S&NY. Reportedly too heavy for the rails on the Clarion River, the 119 languished on a siding near Hallton, PA until being cut up in 1952.

Looks like a warm day in the photo, maybe summer or early fall. The trees are fully leafed out, and the engineer has the cab door open for a little relief from the heat coming off the locomotive backhead. The boiler safety valve is lifting; note the high plume of white steam next to the whistle. Would have made quite a racket! First car behind the locomotive appears to be a PRR GLa twin hopper, for what it is worth.

One Thought on “SNY #119

  1. Chris Chamberlain on March 2, 2014 at 21:12 said:

    What a thrill to stumble upon your website! I am an avid consumer of all that is the former S&NY railroad. Growing up in Towanda I was always intrigued by where those old railroad tracks used to go, which has led to much reading, studying, traveling to, and model building (albeit on a slightly smaller scale that yours) things related to this neat old railroad.

    I’ve only made through about 1/3 of your content so if you don’t mind I’ll cut this short so I can get back to it….

    Great work and thanks from a fellow S&NY fan!

    Chris C.

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